Building Trust with Every Bite!

Elevating Your Brand through Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Transparency

Raw Materials

Making every Step Count: tracing the journey of your ingredients with REVO Blockchain Notarization


Streamlining your Operations: managing every phase of supply chain through Process Tracking and Logistics Management


Uncovering the players behind your Products: enhancing visibility through Operator Identification and Monitoring


Ensuring Data Accuracy: verifying the truth of data with your trusted Certification Partner


Seamless Integration: connecting your supply chain with IoT and your ERP through user-friendly API interfacing

Data Analytics

Getting the big picture: analyzing every Process and Products thanks to data Reporting

Key to Increased Consumer Trust

The utilization of blockchain technology in the supply chain has the power to transform the way consumers perceive the quality of your product. By providing a transparent and verifiable record of the journey of your product, from the farm to the plate, blockchain technology instills a sense of confidence and trust in the consumer.

This increased trust in turn leads to a greater willingness to purchase your product, resulting in a boost in sales and revenue for your business.

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Easy to Use with Tons of Awesome Features

Experience seamless supply chain traceability with RevoFood - the simplest and most complete blockchain solution for the food industry. Effortlessly integrate with your existing ERP, IoT devices, and management systems, with quick and comprehensive support always available.

  • Enterprise Ready
  • 100% Customizable
  • 24/7 Support
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Why Choose RevoFood?

Food supply chain traceability is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety, quality, and sustainability of the food we consume. Let yourself be guided by those who understand!


Helps in tracking the journey of food from farm to plate, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any issues that may arise during the supply chain process.


Helps to build consumer trust, increase transparency, and reduce the risk of production mistakes, ehnce boosting productivity.


Helps Customers to better understand the supply chain and make informed decisions about purchased products.


Paving the way for a more efficient and paperless supply chain ecosystems, granted by a public blockchain technology.

Built on REVO

REVO delivers unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and security for enterprise-level blockchain solutions.

Top Tier Developers

Built with love by core Blockchain Devs, granting high levels of performances and security!